Wednesday, April 9, 2008

To Many Cell Phone Models

Many people become very frustrated when it comes to replacing their cell phone with all the models on offer; they now boast an ever increasing range of functions but just where does it end?

Education is the key to successfully buying or arranging a contract; some interesting buying facts are supplied in this article.

Much More Usage Time

With the advancements in battery technology, batteries last much longer than they did when they were first invented but waiting until the last possible moment to recharge is not a good idea.

Leaving the recharging to last minute like this, over an extended period means the battery will need to be replaced earlier than it needs to be, and these cell phone batteries are quite expensive.

What Uses The Most Power

The back light is the second biggest power drain of any cell phone battery but this can be either turned off or use the auto back light off function if your phone is supplied with one. Actually talking on the phone uses the most power when it is being operated as it is being used as a transmitter so reduce the length of calls and turn it off if you find yourself in an area with poor reception as the cell phone battery will drain itself trying to find a signal.

Cell phones today have so many features, all of which drain power even though no conversation is taking place so keeping these to a minimum will increase the battery life.

What Charges Can I Expect

You will often find that wallpapers, ring tones and images that are downloaded automatically will have a charge even though this is not mentioned at the start so be aware. Children are usually the most likely candidates to get caught out like this so if you are buying a phone for your child try to buy a model where you can disable this function with a password.

People that use a cell phone regularly, arrange for a monthly plan, this is a contract over 12 or 24 months but if the phone is not going to be used regularly, a pay-per use option is probably preferable.

Only you will know how often you make calls and how long they are on average but the pay-per use agreement is probably not going to be the most cost effective if you are someone who uses the phone a great deal. You will find that as a kind of 'thank-you' for taking out a longer running contract, many of the latest feature will be included in the package.

Do You Need Roaming?

If you travel as part of your work then ensure that roaming charges are part of the contract you decide on and be careful of those hidden costs that are only noticed after you have signed the agreement.

What About Insurance?

Some companies will replace your phone if it breaks or is lost or stolen so consider the insurance warranty before buying because they are typically carried around everywhere; which means they can easily get broken or damaged and a warranty will give you peace of mind.

Many companies now offer phones online and do not have physical stores; these will often have late model cell phones that you may find it hard to find accessories for so ensure you trust the supplier before you buy.

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